Manchester Music Venues

Manchester has been famous for being the number one spot in England to hear the best music for years now. Bands such as The Smiths, Oasis, New Order, The Stone Roses and Joy Division have stapled the northern city in history for the rest of time. The one thing all of these bands have in common (other than the location) is that they’ve all had amazing music venues to perform in over the years.

Not only has this always been a great chance for the bands to build up a hardcore following, it has also been an amazing opportunity for fans to see people they look up to, playing live. But, the new style of the single release sees many musicians with an instant rise to fame and stardom. This is now beginning to kill off the release of albums and with it, music shops and live music venues are becoming less and less popular over time.

This is why Manchester still deserves the approval of music fans everywhere. Boasting a huge number of venues throughout that have gigs on offer every week without fail.

Manchester offers a wide range of venues, from tiny places such as Gorilla, to the biggest arena in the UK: Manchester Arena. With this comes a wide range of acts, anyone from the complete unknown to the biggest global bands in the world such as Green Day who are set to play a headline show at the Manchester Arena next February.


Gorilla is located under the railway tracks on Whitworth Street, and is a part time restaurant and full time music venue. Artists from all different genres perform at Gorilla, ranging from the complete unknown to bands with wide followings. Tickets are usually priced reasonably, which often helps the venue attract a student aged audience.

The O2 Apollo in Manchester has solely been a gigging venue since the 1970s. However, it was originally designed to show films. With a capacity of over 2500 it is one of the larger venues in the city. It focuses heavily on rock/indie music and often sells out.

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Manchester Arena boasts crowds of over 20000 people and plays host to some of the largest world stars. As well as music, audiences can watch stand up comedy, and even boxing matches. Music is the main attraction though and the venue has always stuck to its Manchester roots by having acts such as Oasis, New Order, Courteeners and Simply Red all play there since it opened in 1995.


Biffy Clyro rocking the Arena at the beginning on December


To find a map of where these three venues can be found click here.

With an amazing variety of live venues, Manchester has to be the number one city for music fans all over the world. There is simply no other place where such a wide variety of music can be accessed so easily.

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