Biffy Clyro at Manchester Arena

Over twenty thousand people flocked to Manchester Arena on Saturday 3rd December to witness an exceptional sold out show by one of the UK’s biggest bands right now, Biffy Clyro.

The band have come a long way over the years, getting their big start by playing a small stage at Reading and Leeds festival back in 2003. Ever since then more and more people have become fans of the music and the previous two albums by the band have both debuted at number 1 in the UK.

2016 has been a huge year for the band already, heading Leeds festival and touring around Europe and briefly America, before coming to the England to finish the world tour.

The rock trio kicked things off with their latest albums opening track: Wolves of winter. Many songs from Ellipsis (the album that came out earlier in the year) were played but the setlist was filled with songs from each of the band’s seven albums.

The gig varied wildly between huge, powerful sounding full band rock songs to melancholic acoustic tunes. The variation was warmly welcomed with an amazing reaction from the crowd after every track.


It was as much of a gig, as it was a light show. Almost every song was marked with a different combination of lights illuminating the Arena. The band played the entire concert with a screen behind them that projected different images to the audience and made you feel as if you were watching each song being played in a completely different scene.

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The atmosphere was sensational throughout the show. With a crowd of over twenty thousand people it may be looked at as an easily achievable feat but not many gigs at the Arena get the whole seated section standing up and singing along for two hours. The main singalong’s came from the biggest hits, ‘Mountains’ and ‘Many of Horror’ but the Arena was filled with excited shouts all night.

Over the years Manchester Arena has been a home to many amazing crowds, but I am sure that you’d be hard pressed to find one quite as loud as the audience Biffy Clyro brought in.

Fans were clearly blown away on the night and speaking to 19 year old Sean Ellis after the third time seeing his favourite band cemented that feeling to me, when he said, “they’ve gotten better and better each time. I love watching this band develop their sound and get bigger. I’ve been a fan for years now and it’s because of nights like this”. When asked about his favourite song of the night, he continued, “Biblical for me, such a classic sound to it. That was one of the first songs I actually heard from them. Love the guitars in it, just can’t get enough of that one”.

The Scottish rockers played to their strengths by complementing the audience, “Manchester, it’s been too long since we played in this wonderful city and felt your love” bellowed lead singer Simon Neil to an already rowdy crowd. A trick like this shows you that he has become a master of the frontman craft over the years.

It wasn’t only recent successful songs that were on show. ‘Justboy’, a song now fifteen years old (long before Biffy found a mainstream audience) brought the crowd to their feet, with many die hard fans singing along to all of the words. This showed that Biffy have maintained their oldest following while picking up newcomers along the way; truly showing the magic of music and how it can bring vastly different people together.

The show came to an end with the catchy ‘Stinging belle’, parading everyone away with a smile on their face. The people of Manchester once again showed the power and importance that live music has in this city.

See how the night unfolded and the reactions of fans and critics here.

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